Specialist for
Lame', Metallic Yarn,
Glitter Powder and Metallic Fabrics


Precaution for using metallic yarn

  • There is some slight yield (denier) difference between colors even in the same product type.
  • Please avoid using different batches (lots) of metallic yarn in one product.
  • Avoid all procedures in strong acidic and/or alkaline conditions as metallic may lose its luster or color.

    In case of twisting, weaving or knitting, please wash a yarn/thread in counter part to be neutralized.
  • For soaping, please check if the soap can be used for metallic yarn.
Do not use Sodium chlorite and Chlorine agent for bleaching.
  • Metallic yarn has a character of easily broken and elongated in its peculiarity.

    We suggest that all customers should adjust machines for metallic yarns and make thorough trials prior to actual production.
  • Please consult us in case of piece dyeing or complicated wet process.
  • Please make a test prior to actual dyeing or wet processing as wet process and conditions are different in each dyeing factory.
  • Please avoid separating metallic yarns into small cones/bobbins or avoid rewinding to keep its quality.
  • Please contact us if you have any problems or troubles in twisting, knitting and weaving with our metallic yarns.
  • Iridescent color (Pearl color): It is made by green pearl & red pearl tonality and there may be a clear color difference in darker base fabrics. Please avoid knitting or weaving together with darker base materials like black, brown navy or so.
  • Caution on handling pure silver metallized products
    • Pure silver (Ag) is easily sulfurized by contact to sulfur. Do not touch with hands with perspiration and with rubber products. Do not put film/yarn closer to burned gas or exhausted gas. As a results of sulfuration, Pure-silver turns yellowish, then getting blackish as a result of oxidation.
  • Caution on handling and storing products
    • For storing, Please avoid contacting with products which contain any acid or alkaline and store in polyethylene bags in dry conditions. Please avoid using a moth repellent.
    • Please remove dirt or stain quickly with water washing or dry cleaning with a white sprit.
    • TM-150, TM-50NY TMJ-150 FMR-600 are single covered products. So, It may cause a distortion problems depend on items and use.
    • Peculiarity of 1ply Metallic yarn,Color fastness to rubbing is not so good specially for deep colors.
      Please pay attention to a total planning of the product which required high-quality color fastness and the products of color switched among deep and pale colors.


Please wash by hand with neutral detergent with maximum 40℃ (Celsius) water.
Please avoid machine wash.
Please do not bleach. It’s causing discolored.
Please iron at low temperature, 110℃(Celsius) (low temperature)
Please dry-clean by the petroleum solvent.
Please avoid tumble dry.
Please hang dry in the shade.
Please treat at very mild degree wet cleaning.

*Please judge comprehensively in dealing of our product with other materials.