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Lame', Metallic Yarn,
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About us

Brightex is a manufacturer of Lame’ in Kyoto, Japan.

It was founded in Kyoto, Japan in June 1968 as a metallic thread trader.
In Kyoto, there is a Kimono culture of Nishijin brocade that consumes a lot of metallic yarns, and in the south there is Joyo City where is famous for its production of metallic yarn in Japan.
Brightex (Manufacturing company: Crown Industry Co., Ltd) began from producing at the processing center in Joyo City.
Since then, we have been manufacturing mainly for Europe, America, India and other overseas markets, and delivering high quality and characteristic metallic yarns made in Japan to customers all around the world.

Our factory is located in Ujitawara Town, southwestern part of Kyoto Prefecture.
We here produce metallic color films that are the basis of lame’ threads and glitter powder (lame powder). Coloring the film, laminating the films and cutting the film (slitting) are our main process in our factory.
The quality of the metallic yarn is greatly influenced by the quality of a base film which is the main material. Ujitawara factory is the mother plant of Brightex, and the basis of product development and quality control.

High Quality Lame’ Thread to the World

Micro-slitting and twisting yarns are processed in our subsidiary factories in the Joyo area of Kyoto, and in Hokuriku region, Northern part of Japan.
Our ultrafine cut film yarn MXBE-300/320 uses 0.1 mm width film, which is similar to the thickness of a human hair (0.05mm-0.15mm as Japanese standard).
It is not easy to handle it but we can finish it to a thread which can be used for sophisticated pantyhose.
Perfect processing at each most suited factory. It is a mechanism for making a non-defective products born from our long-term relationships.
Lame’ thread is used for various purposes such as knitting, weaving, lace, embroidery, miscellaneous goods.

Adjusting the luster of your choice suitable for your application and needs, your desired color, optimal metallic yarn to your application.

Brightex keeps pursuing to deliver brilliance and satisfaction to everyone in the world

Persistence of Brightex

We insist to our perfect quality policy ”Made in Japan” and making products in Japan to be aimed for easy to use & trouble free metallic yarn.

We are a leading manufacturer of metallic yarn in Japan and we can supply goods usable for various purposes & applications.

We are constantly developing a new and only one product.

Our Wish

Provide brilliance and satisfaction to people around the world through our metallic yarns.
Developing products to be wanted by customers and making products to be satisfied by everyone

We, all employees are working together to provide products and services with confidence

Brilliance and Satisfaction to Everyone in the World … This is our wish.

Company profile

ADDRESS14, 8-chome, Nishiuracho, Fukakusa, Fushimiku Kyoto, Japan 612-0029
CAPITAL48 million yen
BUSINESS CONTENTSManufacturer of metallic yarn, glitter powder and metallic fabric.


Head office

14, 8-chome, Nishiuracho, Fukakusa, Fushimiku
Kyoto, Japan 612-0029
TEL : (81)-75-641-1072 / FAX : (81)-75-643-5458

Ujitawara Factory

58 Matsuo Zenjouji, Ujitawaracho, Tsuduki-gun
Kyoto, Japan 610-0201
TEL : (81)-774-88-5572 / FAX : (81)-774-88-5573

Company History

1968Bun Iwata founded Crown Industry Co., Ltd. in Fushimi, Kyoto, Japan

1970Moved to Nishiura-cho Fukakusa, Fushimi, Kyoto

1983relocated to the present building

1983Opened Kiryu branch office in Gunma prefecture

1988Established Brightex Corporation as a export company

1993Ujitawara plant opened

2007Kiryu branch office closed

2008Daisuke Iwata became a new C.E.O.